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pauline-butlerDr. Pauline Butler

Dr.Pauline was born and grew up in Nassau, Bahamas to humble Christian parents who instilled in her the importance of respect, honesty, integrity and hard work.   As a young child, she and her parents faithfully attended the Catholic Church and subsequently she attended all Catholic schools. After completing high school, she went abroad to study Business Administration and later returned home to Nassau where she worked all her life at different business establishments.

A few years later after returning home, Dr. Butler met and fell in love with a young man, whom she later married, and that marriage endured for many years and later ended in a divorce.  Today she is the mother of four adult children and many grandchildren who are so grateful to God for all the sacrifices she made to raise them to be strong, respectful and God fearing.


It was that blessed day in Feb 1993 that the Lord called Pauline aka Paula to work for him.  She recalls hearing someone call her by name three times requesting her to go and raise her hands to heaven nearby the window across the room.  She did as she was told and the Lord anointed her with multiple gifting​s​ to later work for him.  She was not only frightened at the experience,  but she was unwilling to carry on with her new assignment.  All she knew was to work her normal nine to five job and go home to her family,  and she was not prepared to get caught up dealing with people she did not know or cared to know.   However,  her life was about to change drastically whether she wanted it or not.  In her desperation to have it her way,  Pauline even prayed and asked God to take the anointing away from her, as she felt she could not help anyone as she was too  broken about her own struggles.  But God had other plans for her life,  and eventually after being struck down with severe chest pains with no money or insurance for medical bills, she later surrendered to the perfect will of God and that was to preach, teach and work in all the divine  gifting that God had given to her.

Pauline was later ordained as a pastor and later ordained as an apostle in Louisiana, USA.  She received her doctorate degree in Theology and has written many songs and was successful in producing her first gospel album in 2006.   Dr. Butler gives all the credit to God for all the storms he took her through and if she had to do it all over again she said she wouldn’t change a thing.    To God be the glory, great things he has done.

Dr. Butler is still divorced, and when not working in the vineyard for her Lord, Dr. Butler could be found doing something around her home or just entertaining friends and family.  Praise the Lord!

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